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Faith in Business Quarterly

Faith in Business Quarterly (FiBQ) is unique - the only publication of its type in the UK. It is a quarterly journal relating Christian faith and values to the business world, providing a forum to explore and promote the application of Christian faith and values to working life in business, the professions, and public and voluntary service. It occupies a strategic position midway between an academic journal and a popular magazine.

FiBQ has been published since 1996. It is the outcome of a partnership between Faith in Business and the Industrial Christian Fellowship (ICF), the longest standing ‘faith and work’ organisation in the UK. The two organisations are equally represented on its editorial board and steering group. Richard Higginson is one of the editors and Peter Heslam is a member of the steering group and regular contributor to the journal.

We welcome offers of thoughtful articles about business written from a Christian perspective for publication in FiBQ. Please use our Contact Us form if this is of interest to you.

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Peter Heslam provides the theological basis for why God sees work as beautiful, and why we should see it in the same way
In the context of the malaise which hangs over the global economy Reuben Coulter points out that our investment capital has the power to drive change and standards across industries, culture and communities.
Gary Cundill relates his experiences as a Christian investor. He encourages Christian to face trials joyfully, and try to avoid making the same mistake twice by combining prudence and purity.
Peter Heslam focuses on the portion of scripture that is most directly to do with investment: the Parable of the Talents. He suggests that, even if the parable is taken to be mainly about money, it is thereby also about virtue.
Ben Nicka issues a call to the asset management industry to direct investment to moral ends.
Chris Gillies has some sound investment advice for institutions and individuals.
Grace Enterprises is a charity transforming lives through supportive employment in their sustainable businesses. Their key values are Excellence, Employment and Ethics - with excellence first
Val King draws attention to the persistent investment by large companies and churches in fossil fuels, and argues that protest is essential because only government intervention can bring about real change.
In a four part series, Peter Heslam introduces the Faith in Business 'theme' for 2022. He notes ways in which the Bible depicts God as an investor and highlights the apparent recklessness of some key biblical models of investment.
Esther Ngéthe draws attention to the presence of God in the separations, tragedies, bankruptcies and redundancies of the pandemic. The God who brings light into our darkness and gives us a sense of purpose.
Perspectives from the frontlines of digital and sustainable manufacturing, exploring the tension between our drive to deliver commercial results and our call to steward God’s creation.
In this fourth part of his series, Peter Heslam develops his engagement with ‘woke capitalism’, at the heart of which are businesses that seek to address social and environmental causes. He does so, as he promised, by raising two of its pitfalls.
Steve Apted looks at the change already brought about by the pandemic, and then takes us through his own experience of three redundancies, and his relationship with God through each of them
In the third installment of a series of articles, Peter S Heslam begins an exploration of ‘woke capitalism’, seeking to address this phenomenon from the perspective of the Trinity
In the second installment of a series of articles, Peter S Heslam looks at how some thought leaders understand purpose. Although they reflect Christian values, he suggests ultimate purpose requires a theological starting-point.
The Salvation Army has forged some strong relationships with major restaurant and hospitality businesses to support local communities through the pandemic.
In the first installment of a series of articles, Peter S Heslam considers whether the pandemic provides an opportunity to reconsider the purpose of business - what is business for?
Housing is such a complex, expensive and slow process to change, but Martin Clark demonstrates that a modern version of modular factory-built housing could result in a major reduction in homelessness. He appeals to churches to release land for this.
Every day of this crisis sees more companies go bust, and those that survive fighting to keep their heads above water.
Courtney Rountree Mills tells the story of her personal experience in trying to tackle poverty in Africa.


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Faith in Business’ vision is of business as a force for good, transforming society in a way that expresses the kingdom of God. We encourage and equip Christian business people to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ in a demanding workplace context. With an eye on the future, we are especially committed to serving young business leaders.

Faith in Business is active on many fronts. We run an annual retreat, co-publish a quarterly journal, host a monthly webinar, provide topical weekly reflections and facilitate a business prayer network. As a volunteer-led organisation, we'd love you to get involved with us and there are a number of ways you can do this: