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Faith in Business Prayer

Faith in Business Prayer is a network of Christians in business who pray for each other and for the working world around them.

The spur for starting this network came in March 2020 when the scale of the coronavirus pandemic became clear. Our prayers are particularly concentrated on COVID-19 and the impact this is having on workplaces and working practices, locally and globally.

Every fortnight on alternate Wednesdays, Richard Higginson sends out an email letter with reflections on the latest situation and suggestions for prayer. Every three months the group meets online to share needs and concerns, and to pray for each other. If you would like to join this network please contact Richard by completing our Contact Us form. Confidentiality protocols are observed.

Faith in Business also encourages prayer for business more generally. Below you will find prayers for people in the full range of occupations, including business. Please make use of these.


Prayer for the Workers

Not sure how to pray for people in different types of job? Are you wanting to extend the type of worker you pray for? Perhaps these suggestions might help….

Prayers for the caring professions

We pray for all involved in the upbringing and looking after of young children
May God help you to be patient, gracious and loving parents and carers, of those committed to your charge

We pray for teachers, lecturers and all involved in providing education
May God inspire you, to enthuse your students in turn with knowledge, wisdom and a passion for his truth

We pray for nurses, doctors and all involved in health care
May God give you kindness, skill and wise diagnosis, and use you to restore patients to health and strength

We pray for secretaries, administrators and all who work behind the scenes to make things run smoothly
May God give you foresight, skill in dealing with people and a judicious attention to detail

We pray for schoolchildren, students and all currently involved in doing exams
May God give you an eagerness to learn, sound understanding and a good memory

We pray for those who work for a charity, voluntary organisation or a pressure group
May God enable you to meet the goals you set, and to bring help to those in need

We pray for clergy, youth pastors and all other church workers
May God help you to be faithful ministers of the gospel, and to build us all up to be attractive and effective witnesses for Christ in the world


Prayers for business and industry

We pray for bankers, accountants and all involved in financial services
May God give you objectivity, integrity and good judgment in the lending of money, the monitoring of transactions and the management of risk

We pray for drivers, transport managers and all whose work involves them in frequent travel
May God grant you safety and protection, and make you vigilant for the welfare of others

We pray for entrepreneurs, those who run with a new idea, start businesses and create new opportunities for employment
May God inspire you with vision, creativity, passion, perseverance and a desire to change God’s world for the better

We pray for all involved in the design, manufacture and marketing of material products
May God help you to be faithful stewards of his creation, through providing things that add to the quality of life

We pray for shop workers, restaurant workers, and all involved in retailing and catering
May God help you to provide honest, helpful and quality service to all your customers


Prayers for public services

We pray for local councillors, civil servants, members of parliament and all involved in the processes of government
May God give you wisdom in balancing interests, in determining policy and in using power for the common good

We pray for journalists, radio, TV workers and all who communicate through the media
May God give you accuracy in your reporting and an imaginative, responsible approach to the provision of entertainment

We pray for lawyers, magistrates and legal advice workers
May God give you a passion for justice, and a concern to see that every individual receives fair treatment under the law

We pray for researchers and all who push back the frontiers of knowledge
May God guide you down fruitful paths and lead you to discoveries that bring great and lasting benefit


Prayers for the marginalised

We pray for unemployed people
May God fill your life with meaning and purpose, and help to find the job that is right for you

We pray for those who are unhappy in their work, those who are bullied or exploited, those who are very poorly paid or work in dangerous conditions
May God comfort and protect you, give you courage to protest or find those who will champion your cause, so that your suffering is relieved

We pray for all who are now retired
May God help you to find satisfaction in the work you have done, and fulfilment in what you are doing now

We pray for all other workers not specifically mentioned thus far
May God help you to serve him and work for his glory in your own particular vocation.
Hello and welcome to Faith in Business. We hope you enjoy getting to know us!
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Stimulating and resourcing the business world for over 30 years

Faith in Business’ vision is of business as a force for good, transforming society in a way that expresses the kingdom of God. We encourage and equip Christian business people to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ in a demanding workplace context. With an eye on the future, we are especially committed to serving young business leaders.

Faith in Business is active on many fronts. We run an annual retreat, co-publish a quarterly journal, host a monthly webinar, provide topical weekly reflections and facilitate a business prayer network. As a volunteer-led organisation, we'd love you to get involved with us and there are a number of ways you can do this: