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Books by Richard Higginson

Christian entrepreneurs are at the heart of the church's mission. They are dynamic, innovative followers of Christ who are making a major contribution to our society through the companies they run, the products they make and the people they influence.
Richard Higginson argues that, rightly understood and applied, faith can be an enormous power for good - stimulating enterprise, reducing poverty, promoting integrity, ensuring sustainability and fostering discipleship.
Differentials in pay are a matter of major controversy, especially at times of cutbacks such as were triggered by the global financial crisis of 2006-8.
Many important questions of life concern business, but too often they are left unanswered. Richard Higginson concentrates on the tough and complex issues that confront businesspeople every day.
Is the world of business competition a jungle where anything goes, or should competition be exercised with constraints?
Good leadership is a priceless asset in any organisation. This book brings insights from biblical Christianity and modern management theory together in a creative and lively way.
Called to Account sheds fresh light on many ethical dilemmas which confront the conscientious businessperson, bringing Christian theology and business practice together in an exciting and imaginative way.

Books by Peter Heslam

Much of the written output of our Director Peter Heslam is in the form of academic peer-reviewed book chapters and journal articles. Some of these, plus some pieces aimed at a more general readership, are available via the ‘Articles’ section of this website. The books below are available via the links embedded in the images.
Edited by Peter S. Heslam (Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2021). Click image for details and commendations.
A special themed issue of the Journal of Markets and Morality, 16.1 (400 pages).
by Peter S. Heslam (Cambridge: Grove, 2010).
Edited by Peter S. Heslam (London: SPCK, 2004).
by Peter S. Heslam (Cambridge: Grove, 2003).

Book Reviews

Kate Raworth is, in her own words, an economist focused on exploring the economic thinking needed to address the 21st century’s social and ecological challenges.
Tim Harford has written a very readable and enjoyable introduction to Fifty Things that made the Modern Economy.
The Theology of Work Project began in 2007, when a mainly American group of scholars came together fuelled by a shared frustration.
“Apprenticeship that hones skills a step at a time is better than the one-off course,” says Eve Poole.
The theme of the 2014 Faith in Business conference at Ridley Hall was The Lifecycle of Business. Whether you attended the conference or not, David Hurst’s book provides material to provoke our thinking.
Is entrepreneurship a calling that can make a difference? Paul Stevens and Richard Goossen believe so.
Tim Keller has achieved prominence in recent years as founder-pastor of New York’s Redeemed Presbyterian Church, which has grown to 5,000 members since its inception in 1989.
Paul Stevens has worked as a carpenter, pastor, on the staff of IVCF, church planter and latterly as an academic.
This book is an outworking of a doctoral thesis and its aim is to examine the Church of England’s engagement with capitalism from 1989 to the present.
Work matters hugely declares Mark Greene in his introduction to this book (p9). Working without Wilting is one of a series on faith and work published by IVP for the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.
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Stimulating and resourcing the business world for over 30 years

Faith in Business’ vision is of business as a force for good, transforming society in a way that expresses the kingdom of God. We encourage and equip Christian business people to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ in a demanding workplace context. With an eye on the future, we are especially committed to serving young business leaders.

Faith in Business is active on many fronts. We run an annual retreat, co-publish a quarterly journal, host a monthly webinar, provide topical weekly reflections and facilitate a business prayer network. As a volunteer-led organisation, we'd love you to get involved with us and there are a number of ways you can do this: