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What is Business For? 

Reconsidering the Purpose of Business Part 2

In the first instalment in this article series on ‘purpose’, Peter surveyed some research. It shows that, although purpose is widely regarded as essential to business success, it plays little role in practice. He argued, in response, that companies need to do three things: radically realign their strategies and operations with their purpose; exercise greater integrity and authenticity; and be more certain about their purpose. In this article he looks at how some of the thought leaders in this field understand purpose. Although they reflect Christian values, he suggests ultimate purpose requires a theological starting-point.  

Click to read the full article (PDF opens in new tab). It was first published in Faith in Business Quarterly, Volume 21.1, pages 35-36.

Dr Peter S Heslam is Director of Faith in Business. He is also a senior fellow at the University of Cambridge and doctoral supervisor at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.

For Part One of Peter's series of articles on corporate purpose, click here. Part Three is available here

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