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Doing Good 

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‘It is better to suffer for doing good, if suffering should be God's will, than to suffer for doing evil’
(1 Peter 3: 17).


The pressures of keeping a business financially afloat can be overwhelming. Advisors often counsel drastic cuts, starting with pay. In our business, however, paying the Real Living Wage has always been non-negotiable.

This reflects my background in anti-trafficking campaigning. I have seen how inadequate income can lead to desperate choices. Christ was counter-cultural, especially when interacting with those in the margins of society. Mindful of this, we are committed to putting people before profit, often at significant corporate and personal expense. 

Peter’s exhortation stimulates this commitment; it is better to suffer doing good than evil. This was Jesus’ way, demonstrated in his words and actions. 

But what could ‘doing good’ mean?  Here are some things it means for us in our company:

  1. Ensuring our supply chains are ethical
  2. Providing career progression routes in the company
  3. Regular celebration of good practice
  4. Sabbath rest – no trading on a Sunday
  5. Using positive and inclusive language

Our earliest motto was: 'Do the right thing, even when no one is looking’. As Christians, we serve a God who is ever-vigilant. Our actions are to witness to this and the great love of God, who sacrificially and painfully reached out to us in and through Jesus.

Work is generally a mixture of breakthroughs and struggles. Whatever we are currently experiencing, we need to remind ourselves that our most fulfilling purpose is to reflect God to others in every aspect of our lives, including those no one sees. We are not promised ‘easy’, but we are promised help and joy.


Consider your workplace. In what ways does it reflect the way of Jesus, and in what ways does it not?
Commit to making one change within your sphere of influence, no matter how small.


Father God, thank you for enabling our breakthroughs and understanding our struggles. Refresh our courage and increase our faith to be changemakers who reflect your glory and love.  

Next Steps

  1. Consider a retreat day to review one or two of your working practices to see if they align with the Jesus way.
  2. Find a Christian accountability buddy in your industry and regularly meet to review your gnarly problems.
  3. Check out the consultancy Beautiful Enterprise.

This Week's Author

Antoinette Daniel, Founder of Just Helpers Cleaning Agency
Antoinette Daniel

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