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Faith in Business Monthly

Faith in Business Monthly (FiBM) is a mixture of talks and interviews with Christian business leaders, expert coaches and practical theologians. It equips business people to navigate small, medium and large enterprises through an uncertain business environment from a uniquely Christian perspective. 

FiBM takes place on the first Thursday of every month at 12.30 pm. Participants join a live Zoom meeting, and after listening to a talk or interview, they have the opportunity to ask questions verbally or through a chat channel. Each set of talks and interviews is moderated by our Director, Peter Heslam, or one of the Faith in Business team.

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Previous Faith in Business Monthly Videos

Chris and Rosanne Page share how knowing who God has made them to be, and recognising the needs in the world around them, helps them fly in the teams God has put them in.
Ravi Gidoomal and Steven Barr share perspectives from the frontlines of digital and sustainable manufacturing and explore the tension between our drive to deliver commercial results and our call to steward God’s creation.
Stewart Vandermark shares the story finding purpose has played in his role as CEO of Nelsons Solicitors. He provides reflections on the connection between modern management thinking & and his experience of developing an understanding of faith and purpose in the workplace through his career.
Organizational culture and employee well-being are crucial to the social and spiritual impact of an organization. James Waters helps us explore these values, and how we can stir our employees to grow in their social and spiritual well-being. He will base his talk on extensive research, and on his experience of helping organizations implement a 'Kingdom Impact Framework'.
Continuing our series helping Christians to live and work with purpose, sustainability expert Duncan Gray helps us consider some of the most serious issues facing humanity today. Duncan will guide us biblically and practically, equipping us to build sustainable businesses that care for God's creation - as He has called us to do (Genesis 2:15)
At Faith in Business, we have been helping people understand Christian purpose through our God on Monday series and our 2021 Online Leadership Retreat. Building on these, our July Faith in Business Monthly brings together Fiona Brennan-Scott and James Shand to discuss how we can live with purpose in our personal and professional life.
Simon Barrington and colleagues from WeAreCompany facilitate a discussion around the Impact of the Pandemic on Working Relationships. Based around a survey many of our Faith in Business subscribers completed recently, this will provide you with great insight as organisations start returning to their offices and consider what the future of work may look like.
Our panelists Hannah Stolze and Val Mullally have both recently published books on biblical wisdom in business. Under the guidance of our moderator Peter Heslam, they will share insights from Proverbs - a rich resource for ordinary everyday life - and help us apply it to our workplaces. Our time together will begin with a short biblical reflection from James Holden and includes insight from Natalie Chan.
What gets in the way of effective collaboration? What do you find personally challenging in team scenarios? Is unity of purpose in business important to God and why? Dawn Stallwood helps us explore, share and understand the importance to God of effective collaboration and how our individual contributions to teamwork matter beyond simple professionalism.
Meaning and purpose can protect people from burnout. But they can also cause it – because they can induce a ‘hero’ complex (trying to rescue situations). This can harm their own wellbeing and that of those around them. Dr Rachel Morris provides insight from medicine, leadership and wisdom in the bible – a book that offers rich insight on meaning and purpose.
To call a novel, or a film, or a person 'sentimental' is generally meant as a criticism. But is there a positive role for sentiment to play, even in a performance-driven business environment? At our first Faith in Business Monthly (FiBM) of 2021, Jeanette Walker grappled with this question.
Books on world history will rank 2020 as an extraordinary year. It has been a time of struggle, pain, endurance and loss. But it has also been marked by kindness, service, community and growth. In our last Faith in Business Monthly (FiBM) of 2020, we invited five inspiring business people to share some of their experiences, and their hopes and expectations for 2021.
How do we take Christ's love into our workplace? What place does love have in difficult business decisions? What opportunities are there for Christians in the digital economy? These have been hugely important questions for Carrie Longton in her 18 year journey founding and growing into the UK's most influential network for parents.
This year has been a reckoning for everyone on the planet on so many different levels: politics; relationships; finances; work; education; healthcare; travel; race, & more. But rather than be reduced to victimhood by this punishing season, or drifting nervously until things to get back to ‘normal’, there are things we can do today to take back the initiative. Whenever there’s so much out of our control, there’s still so much we can control. And if we focus our energies on the right things, this’ll help us f
In our September Faith in Business Monthly, Alan Colley explores how risk & discomfort can challenge our constraints, expand our horizons, develop our skills, give us courage & build resilience for all that life throws at us in & out of work.
The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing us to many new challenges. One of them, for business leaders, is engaging teams virtually. What leadership styles are most effective in motivating those we work with? What is the right balance between online meetings and getting other work done? How can we be distinctive as we serve Christ through our businesses during the lockdown? To Flourish as Remote Teams and Businesses, a special set of skills is required. In our second Faith in Business Monthly, Penny Pullan - foun
In our August Faith in Business Monthly, Simon Lawson speaks from his own experiences in building a successful business with a compassionate business model, noting that this has become even more important as we live through the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the economy. He particularly explores these questions: How do we lead with compassion as we build a profitable business? How can we be more vulnerable as we lead our teams? How do we build a culture of trust and love?
In our July Faith in Business Monthly, Karen Kircher helps us understand how our belief system is created and how it impacts the way we interact with our inner selves and with others. She particularly explores these questions: What drives your beliefs, values and patterns of behaviour? What does God have to say about the battle in our minds? What steps can you take to keep emotionally balanced?
How can we find joy in our work in this time of national and international crisis? What is a biblical understanding of joy? Why is joy important? How can we bring joy to our colleagues, customers, suppliers and community when our relationships are suddenly so different? At our inaugural Faith in Business Monthly on Thursday 7 May 2020, Marjory Mair - founder director of Marjory Mair & Associates - helps us reflect on Joy at Work in Times of Crisis, reminding us why biblical joy is important and how we can
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Faith in Business’ vision is of business as a force for good, transforming society in a way that expresses the kingdom of God. We encourage and equip Christian business people to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ in a demanding workplace context. With an eye on the future, we are especially committed to serving young business leaders.

Faith in Business is active on many fronts. We run an annual retreat, co-publish a quarterly journal, host a monthly webinar and facilitate a business prayer network. As a volunteer-led organisation, we provide a number of ways that you can get involved with us: