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If Truth be Told 

aaron-burden-xG8IQMqMITM-unsplGod on Monday
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‘This Jesus God raised up, and of that, all of us are witnesses‘ (Acts 2.32). 


Many great films include courtroom scenes. Often they are full of pointed questions and responses in a context of high drama and passion. The scene on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 is not dissimilar. 

Those surprised by hearing their language spoken by strangers raised questions that demanded an answer. The Apostle Peter, a man of drama and passion, responds by laying out the truth, as he sees it, about Jesus’ death and resurrection.

While the crucifixion was God’s plan, Peter declared his fellow Israelites were to be charged as guilty for their part in Jesus’ death. Convicted by such uncomfortable truth, many responded with faith and trust and were baptised.

Easter means more than hot cross buns and Easter eggs. It is a time to celebrate Jesus’ victory over sin and death and his restoration of a right relationship between humans and God. Although this is good news, not many Christians are comfortable talking about their faith in the workplace. Is this because their unbelieving colleagues cannot handle the truth? Or is it more, if truth be told, that we are afraid about how we will handle the truth?
It is already in the public domain that Christians believe God raised Jesus from the dead. The sticking point is how to share this truth in a compelling and attractive way. For the Holy Spirit is already at work in our workplaces.

Indeed, if truth be told, there is likely to be someone there who deep down is longing for the truth to be told. They need to hear the ‘new language’ the Holy Spirit has given you – a language of grace, in word and deed. This will lead them on a journey with Jesus that may at first be invisible but is nevertheless real. 


Practice your new language of faith, for instance, by;

  • Writing a prayer for someone going through difficulties and sharing it with them.
  • Showing acts of kindness to people at work with challenging personalities.
  • Thinking of the simplest way to explain who Jesus is and what he means to you. When someone gives you the opportunity, speak the truth from a personal place. You could start with, ‘For me, Jesus is...’


Holy Spirit, do what only you can do. I offer you my ordinary everyday words and actions. Season them to be seeds of faith planted in someone’s life this week. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Next Steps

Practice speaking about your faith alone or with others.

This Week's Author

Fungai Cathrine Ngangira, Assistant Curate, Holy Cross Bearsted - Church of England
Cathrine Ngangira

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