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Richard Higginson


Articles written by Richard are listed below:
Kate Raworth is, in her own words, an economist focused on exploring the economic thinking needed to address the 21st century’s social and ecological challenges.
Tim Harford has written a very readable and enjoyable introduction to Fifty Things that made the Modern Economy.
The Theology of Work Project began in 2007, when a mainly American group of scholars came together fuelled by a shared frustration.
Christian entrepreneurs are at the heart of the church's mission. They are dynamic, innovative followers of Christ who are making a major contribution to our society through the companies they run, the products they make and the people they influence.
There are times when work seems futile. Like the fishermen in John 21, we ‘catch nothing’. But Jesus changed all that. This story raises the question whether we look for the resurrection power of Jesus to be evident in our places of work.
God in Christ has reconciled everything. This includes the mighty forces that wield formidable power in the world, as well as flawed material products.
Jesus’ friendship with tax collectors caused controversy because they did ‘dirty work’. At the present time their mantle has passed to bankers. Christians need to rethink their attitudes – and so do bankers – in the light of Jesus’ friendship.
Right at the start of his ministry Jesus set out his mission statement: good news to the poor, release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, freedom for the oppressed. This remains an inspiration for many business people today.
Some individuals play the role of toxic handlers in organisations, mediating between different parts but soaking up a lot of flak. This is precisely what Jesus did in the most important episode of his work on earth – his death on the cross.
In the opening verses of Romans 12 Paul offers three priceless pieces of advice which are of crucial relevance for Christians in the workplace.
When he rested from his work of creation, God pronounced it very good. We should use our Sabbath rest to look back over the week’s work and take satisfaction in it.
Bezalel and Oholiab were craftsmen working on the tabernacle. God filled them with his Spirit, equipped them for their work and inspired them to be creative. God calls all manner of people to perform crucial tasks in his service.
Richard Higginson argues that, rightly understood and applied, faith can be an enormous power for good - stimulating enterprise, reducing poverty, promoting integrity, ensuring sustainability and fostering discipleship.
Differentials in pay are a matter of major controversy, especially at times of cutbacks such as were triggered by the global financial crisis of 2006-8.
Many important questions of life concern business, but too often they are left unanswered. Richard Higginson concentrates on the tough and complex issues that confront businesspeople every day.
Is the world of business competition a jungle where anything goes, or should competition be exercised with constraints?
Good leadership is a priceless asset in any organisation. This book brings insights from biblical Christianity and modern management theory together in a creative and lively way.
Called to Account sheds fresh light on many ethical dilemmas which confront the conscientious businessperson, bringing Christian theology and business practice together in an exciting and imaginative way.
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